Oliver James L'EROE, better known as "OJAY," is a Dominican/American photographer. His career began in the mid 90's, shooting some of his friend's music acts in the underground world and time of “Rock En Español,” locally in New York City. From the legendary CBGB's, The Spiral, through The Bowery Ballroom. James worked as a bike messenger for L.T.I. Labs in NYC in the day and practiced photography as a hobby for drinks and access to the shows, due to his love for music and gatherings with friends in exchange for photographs.

In 2001, "OJAY" decided to move to Reykjavik, Island, having vastly traveled and having also lived in several different parts of Europe. Not knowing any one there, decided to visit a few of the local newspapers and was denied employment, but consequently, was redirected to a modeling agency named Eskimo Models. After a short meeting with this company, James

was suggested to yet another local business, a music magazine titled UNDIRTONER. He agreed to get on board with the magazine, shooting as a freelancer. The fIrst task was the music festival Iceland Airwaves and the goal was to get enough footage with the high hopes of one of the bands, one day, "making it" and taking him on the road with them as a tour photographer. Almost eleven years since his stardom, it continues to be his wish, despite shooting by commission. In 2009, L’EROE had his first photo exhibition in Reykjavik. It took place at The Nordic House, a culture center for the arts, based mainly on the five Nordic Countries. The Nordic House is perhaps the most coveted spot in Reykjavik for such events.

L'EROE has amassed a great deal of work, whilst living a type of a gypsy lifestyle that has earned him one of his many alias, "The Gypsy" and is projected to release his first book of photographs later in 2013 into 2014, although, specifications from two different publishing houses in Europe and L’EROE have not been finalized, hence, it remains an ongoing project. "BENEATH THE LIGHTS" is a collection of black and white images shot on 35mm film through different parts of North America and Europe. The book will contain a total of 124 images, all of which have been specifically selected from thousands of images that have been created in the past eleven years. Some of the names will include; Manu Chao, BJORK, Jarvis Cocker, The Prodigy, Lady Gaga, Buena Vista Social Club, Lila Downs, Juliette Lewis, The Brazilian Girls, CSS, Handsome Furs, Cocorosie, Amadou Et Mariam and many more. The opening show will take place in Reykjavik, Island, his home at heart and it shall feature some of his dearest work, starring his muse on stage; BJORK. Most of the inkjet-fiber-finish prints (40”X50”) from the show will be 1 of 1 and unlikely be up for sale.

Through the years, L’EROE has also earned the nickname “The Pirate,” due to his drinking ways, mannerisms, attires and along with the fact that he was born legally blind from one eye, to which some of his closest companions jokingly ask for an eyepatch to be worn to complete the true appearance of one. L’EROE is currently gearing up for his biggest challenge yet, aiming to work directly with Lady Gaga and Haus Of Gaga during her 2014/2015 “ARTPOP” tour, although, the chances, only remain a wish... For now.

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